Smash, Greenspider's Smart Sharing allows fleet and vehicle sharing with a new, open, and expandable model.

For its innovative contents and its positive impact on new economic models SMASH has been awarded in the European Horizon2020 SME Instrument program. Thanks to the support of the European commission, the technological solution has been completed and is entering an operational phase in some pilot areas.

What is our challenge?

Vehicle sharing must overcome some critical issues; The sizing of a fleet is a critical aspect, because it foresees a critical mass of users difficult to estimate in advance.

The open model of Smash, constitute a point of contact between supply and demand, it allows to expand the system, extending it also to peripheral areas.

Furthermore, the problem of theft and sabotage has strongly penalized free-flow schemes.


Smash overcomes this problem by making smart vehicles; Connected, localizable, and able to send alarms, and recognize risk situations. Thanks to Smash it is also possible to share intelligent and safe stalls and stations, which can be aggregated by public and private entities on the map in the same way as fleets, so that these can be safely parked.

Our strengths

Smash provides a kit that can be applied to many different types of vehicles, which anyone can share, aggregating them on the same map, and making them accessible with a single payment method. Smash supports many plug-and-play functions, which thanks to miniaturized sensors solve many needs of small electric vehicles. Furthermore, through the use of blockchain functionality, Smash allows you to configure Peer2Peer smart contract between supplier and user, in a flexible, immediate, non-falsifiable, decentralized way. For this reason Smash by Greenspider was awarded best IoT solution 2018 at the Malta Blockchain Summit.



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